The European dimension of education is a task for all European teachers in order to transmit  our students values and attitudes that foster understanding and democracy in all European citizens. It is our duty as teachers in charge of educative and social integration of deaf students to cooperate towards that aim. We must take into account that all communication is orally presented and European deaf people will find it even more difficult to accomplish the principle of the European dimension.
This project has the intention of setting up means for the mutual understanding of deaf people in our countries and the knowledge of each other cultures and ways of thinking and living of deaf young people in Europe. We are using European cuisine as a means of getting deaf students interested in different cultures and traditions as the basis for further understanding and experience together the European integration and the culture of peace. 
Through the knowledge of cookery traditions we will work Health through healthy eating habits.
Cooperation and common activities will be carried out through ICT which provide with very valuable tools for our students' work and means of communication.

The objective of the cooperating organizations is to expand the knowledge of the hearing impaired students and continuously look for new ways in the process of teaching-learning. We must not forget that a deaf person gets the information only visually and all learning has to be intentional. It is not the same “to hear” than “to listen”.  We think that with a European Union cooperation we can create situations and give experience to our students which tremendously increase their chances to successfully integrate into the society and live an European experience with a very positive outcome. 
We want the project to give a chance to the students to taste the world of a creative profession and expand their interests through cooperation . 
All the partner schools are closely related to the cookery profession and all of us consider that it is very important to provide our students with the means to be able to integrate into society through this vocation. Furthermore, healthy eating and cooking habits will be enhanced.
Due to the language handicaps caused by the hearing impairment,  hearing disabled people must overcome obstacles in every area of their life and the lack of motivation can show in their career orientation. With this project we want to encourage European deaf students to show self-confidence and the right to choose the profession they like in every country. We also want to set guidelines for integration into European society, breaking the barriers that deafness has created for an increasingly large number of deaf people and promoting the European dimension of education.   


-Improve education quality for deaf people
-Promote permanent education along the life for our deaf students.
-Encourage the use of ICT
-Encourage motivation to know people and their culture in other European countries.
-Create a common cookery book with the participation of the deaf students from all the countries involved where they also state a "healthy diet".
-Stimulate deaf students' European experiences through communicative exchanges and mobility.
-Increase teacher training through the knowledge of different education approaches for deaf people integration.
-Promote the knowledge of different Sign Languages in Europe, their legal status and the way deaf students acquire oral competence in their national official language and CLIL principles (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

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